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Prototyping & Design Review

Our expertise in prototyping has resulted in the creation and manufacture of a wide range of rubber components for a variety of familiar devices. From ultra high speed print heads to small surgical tool components to simple gaskets and seals, each started with a prototype.

What Is Involved In Prototyping A Rubber Component?
Whether you are starting from an initial design sketch or addressing a redesign issue, close collaboration with our engineering staff in the early stages of your project has been proven to successfully save significant expense in man-hours and thousands of dollars in development time. Tapping into the expertise accumulated over 53 years of custom rubber molding will simplify and abbreviate the time consuming process of creating a prototype. Equipped with an understanding of the expected environmental conditions and the anticipated wear rigors of your particular application, we can recommend the material most suited for the job. Working closely with a host of local tool designers and fabricators, C & M Rubber engineers provide them with the required input and upon their completion review the prepared prototype drawing(s) created for your part. Based upon a satisfactory client review, this phase is culminated with the preparation of a quotation for the prototype tooling and a proposed production tool based upon your anticipated annual requirement.

Upon receipt of your quotation approval, an order is placed with the tooling fabricator and the prototype tooling is prepared. Upon completion, a quality technician checks the tooling for dimensional accuracy and authorizes sample parts to be molded if all dimensions meet drawing specifications. The sample prototype parts are sent to our post processing department for de-flashing /trimming and finally measured to ensure compliance with the drawing. Based upon successful first article QC inspection, the samples are forwarded to you for your inspection and product trials.

What About Using "Rapid Prototyping" Methods?
In many instances, it is timely and cost effective to pursue "rapid prototyping" to create a functional part that will mimic the fit and form of the "real thing". Employing current technologies such as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Stereolithography (SLA) is especially effective in the creation of thermoplastic or polycarbonate components as prototypes or limited run production. These methods are superior for testing form; however, rubber components are often exposed to compression and expansion in real-world applications. As such, we highly recommend the creation of a single cavity prototype tool for the creation of an actual rubber part. This inexpensive method provides for real world testing of the actual rubber part using the preferred elastomeric material.

My Prototype Works Great, What About Production Parts?
Ultimately, it is our goal to earn your business by exceeding expectations no matter what the size of your order. We are confident in our ability to produce quality production parts, on time and at a competitive price.

So what is the first step?
Our engineering consultants are willing and able to recommend and quote the most cost effective tool and piece price for your specific project. This web site provides the ability to forward the appropriate drawings and return response information by clicking on the "REQUEST QUOTE" button at the bottom. We invite you to give us an opportunity to quote your project. We are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised!

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PDFDurometer (PDF - 174KB)
PDFDimensional Tolerances for Elastomers (PDF - 348KB)

PDFRMA Dimensional Tolerance Tables Silicone (PDF - 344KB)
PDFSpecifications Reference Tables (PDF - 292KB)

Prototyping & Design Review Capabilities

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