Aerospace Applications

C & M Rubber Co. is the leading supplier of electrical terminal boots used in military and commercial aircrafts, hot tubs, saunas, telephone switches, uninterrupted power supplies and a host of other electrical applications requiring insulation and protection. There are four sizes of this boot, all primarily used to protect electric terminal post connections from damage and corrosion. Additionally, the boot acts as a physical barrier to accidental low voltage electric shock. The standard boot is white and made of a 50 durometer general purpose silicone. We also offer, at a minimal additional cost, custom colors. The terminal boot may also be manufactured using fluoro-silicone or other artificial elastomers to meet specifications related to contact with oils and other corrosives.

If the standard off-the-shelf terminal boot does not meet your design requirement, C & M Rubber will work with your engineering department to design and cut a tool to meet your specific requirements. Small and large quantities are welcome.