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Heater & Sensor Encapsulation

Another leading edge technology is a process used to encapsulate in silicone or other elastomers a variety of metal inserts, electronic sensors and low voltage heating elements. With appropriate material selection and "outside the box thinking" when recommending a new tooling design, C & M Rubber Co. has been tagged by one customer as, "The company to go to when you're looking for the impossible."  C & M Rubber Co. will collaborate with your organization on the most challenging and your simplest projects to produce a high quality and cost effective rubber part.

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Heater Encapsulation #1
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Heater & Sensor Encapsulation Capabilities

Max. Tooling Dimension 24" W x 24"D
Max. Tooling Height 2" to 7" Range
Mold Types Compression & Transfer
Mold Configuration Single or multiple cavity
Max. Cavity Count Part size & target piece price are determining factors
Insert Composition
  • Insert must withstand clamping pressure during molding process
  • Metal or other thermo-resistant material (400°F)
  • Thermo-resistant ribbon or cord heater assemblies
Encapsulation Method Physical encapsulation and/or heat activated adhesive bonding which takes place during the vulcanization (molding) process.
Insertion Method In instances where delicate sensors, heaters or other detection devices will not tolerate the vulcanization process, a rubber part can be custom molded to accept the insertion of such devices in a separate assembly process at our facility or yours.
Elastomer Selection Silicone is a versatile elastomer that is frequently used in applications requiring UL, NSF or FDA 21CFR177.2600 certification where food contact is common. Other materials such as flourosilicone, urethane, neoprene, millathane, EPDM & natural rubber also are used. 
Durometer & Color Durometer & Color can be customized to meet your specification. Durometer can range from 10-90 Duro Shore A. (±5 points) Silicone can be Pantone color matched whereas flourosilicone, urethane, EPDM and natural rubber are typically available in primary colors.
Tolerances PDFSee RMA Dimensional Tolerance Table (PDF - 344KB)
Shrink Factor Variables such as part size, thickness, length, specific application & environment, mold type & elastomer used will influence final shrink percentage used. Consult with our engineers for recommendation.

Quality Assurance

Commitment To Quality ISO 9001:2008 Certified
Statistical Process Control
Practice Toyota Production System Tenants
Kodak Contour Projector
ACU-Gage Coordinate Measuring System
Electronic Durometer Tester
Scott Tensile Tester
Rheometer 900 Tester
Leitz/Wetzler Microscope
Batch Control and Tracking
Custom Manufacturing Software Control
Bar Code Order Tracking & Invoicing

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