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High Tech

Our expertise in prototyping has resulted in the creation and ongoing manufacture of several sophisticated, high tech components for a variety of customers. Close collaboration with our clients in the early stages of product design has successfully saved hundreds of man-hours and thousands of dollars in development time. A testament to our continued success and customer loyalty is partially attributed to our willingness to share our years of experience in elastomer formulation and tool design, without breaking the bank.

The technique of bonding silicone or other elastomers to a metal surface has blossomed into a significant portion of our manufacturing schedule. Silicone to metal bonding has resulted in some unique and cost saving designs. In fact, in cooperation with a manufacturer of high speed printing systems, we have developed a re-bonding regiment that has significantly reduced their costs related to service parts.

Another leading edge technology is a process used to encapsulate in silicone a variety of metal inserts, electronic sensors and low voltage heating elements. With appropriate material selection and "outside the box thinking" when designing a new tool, C & M Rubber Co. has been tagged by one customer as," The company to go to when you're looking for the impossible." Although we appreciate their confidence, we certainly do not want to overstate our case. Simply stated, C & M Rubber Co. will collaborate with your organization on your most challenging and your simplest projects to produce a high quality and cost effective part.

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Equipment Seals
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Heater Encapsulation
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Heating Element Insertions
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Silicone to Metal Bonding
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Urethane Bonded To Metal
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