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Multi-Cavity Compression Molding

Custom Silicone Gun Grips for Virtually all Firearms

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At C & M Rubber Co., we specialize in custom compression molded products for a host of industries. We were recently approached by two pistol target enthusiasts in Ohio who were disappointed with the performance of the current gun grip covers available in retail sporting goods and firearms shops. They cited the lack of durability, inferior feel, poor tear resistance and overall ill fit to a variety of guns as the source of their dissatisfaction. As with many projects, it all begins with, "We can do better."

The products we developed are composed of a proprietary silicone elastomer, and had custom patterns etched onto the grip surface. The grips were produced using a multi cavity compression mold, in a standard 25 ton hydraulic press, utilizing cryogenic de-flashing to de-burr and finish the product. The finished grip measures 2.75" in height, 1.25" in diameter, and weighed .5 oz., and are molded in black, olive green, tan, pink and red. Custom coloring is also being used for special target markets.

The grip is unique in its ability to snugly fit to virtually all pistol handles and other rifle grips. Additionally, the material allows an end user to cut the grip, customizing the look and feel. This product demonstrates our manufacturing versatility in molding a simple form, yet requiring a flawless finish for consumer sales.

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Gun Grips
Gun Grips

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Multi-Cavity Compression Molding Project Highlights

Project/Product Name Gun Grip Covers
Project/Product Description An aftermarket grip accessory for virtually all firearms. The grip is designed for universal fit for rear and front handles incorporating unique custom textures for no slip grip performance.
Custom Compression Molding Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary: Multi-Cavity Compression Molding
Secondary: Cryogenic De-Flashing
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Standard 25 ton Hydraulic Press
Overall Part Dimensions 2.75" Height x 1.25" Diameter½ oz. Weight
Material Used Proprietary Silicone Elastomer
Material Finish Etched patterns-Boa Skin-Skull-Cross Hatch
Industry for Use Firearms
Delivery/Turnaround Time 1 Week-Some Inventory Stocked For Customer
Delivery Location USA-Ohio
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